Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Home is Where The Record Player Is

I've been unable to get Strange Idols C86ish single 'She's Gonna Let You Down Again' out of my head since I saw them play at The Old Blue Last a few months back. Why this song isnt all over radio and the band adorning covers of magazines is beyond me, it's my single of the year so far by a long shot. They havent made a video for it as far as I can tell, and this live footage from Derbys 'Indie Tracks' festival doesnt really do it justice, but here it is anyway. Check the myspace or better still see them live to hear it in its full glory.

A guy called Dan Deacon played at White Heat last week as the special guest. He managed to bridge a generation gap of about twenty years between himself and the average scenester in attendance on the night and caused all sorts of mayhem on the Madame Jo Jo's dancefloor. Good times. In my head this is what 'New (Nu?!) R*ve' should sound like, although I fear in reality this is not the case at all. It's the kind of music that makes most sense when experienced live, but this video of him on NBC(!) gives a taster of whats going on, just imagine it twice as fast and ten times as amazing.

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